Clark Whiteside, Vice-President of Whiteside Machine Company founded in 1970.

Dimar USA has partnered with Whiteside Machine to create a unique offering for the woodworking industry. Whiteside Plus by Dimar, will be readily available to industrial users from the Whiteside Dealer Network immediately.

A limited offering of 32 different industrial blade configurations is available from stock from Whiteside’s facility in Claremont, NC. Orders placed by 2:00 pm will ship the same day. Based on dealer demand and inquiries for other sizes, the program will expand to accommodate the market needs. 

“Our dealers have asked us for saw blades to supplement our router bit offering for years.” Said Clark Whiteside, Vice-President of Whiteside Machine, Inc. “We feel confident that Dimar was the best choice.”

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Dimar USA  is actively seeking strategic partners in the woodworking industry to provide better coverage and support to the users of woodworking tools in the various market segments that our products reach.

Our partners benefit from 60 years of accumulated knowledge and experience, having developed unique cutting tool designs that are accepted all over the world.

Dimar USA has a unique understanding of this market, its specific requirements, and the demands of the user base. We are seeking partners that are fully committed to the same.

We recognize the fact that our industry faces market conditions from variables such as the millennial impact and other disruptive forces severely impacting distributors and their dealer networks’ profitability.

We recognize the importance of continuous product improvement and design innovations that improve the performance that customers demand.

Please note that Dimar USA has strict guidelines for the selection process and treats all inquires on a confidential basis. 

D Top X

A new generation of saw blades with superior cutting quality and extremely low noise and vibration.

There is a strong connection between vibration generated during the sawing process and the quality of cut combined with the noise generated in operation.

A reduction in decibels by more than 50%, a critical factor in operations today.

Dimar’s new carbide grade for these blades has shown a 70% higher resistance to tip fracture when sawing materials that typically chip and fracture the carbide tipped teeth. 

The improvements in this carbide grade also extends the edge shaprness and wear resistance of the tooth dramtically.

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