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Welcome to Dimar USA

Dimar, a global manufacturer,  is a leading supplier of industrial cutting tools with production centers in Germany, Switzerland, Israel, and its distribution network.

We deliver quality, precision tooling designed for industrial, professional, and power tool applications in the wood, plastic, composite, and other industries.

Founded in 1960, Dimar developed several state of the art processes for the production of saw blades, router bits (brazed and solid carbide), CNC tooling, drills, and cutters, using only the highest quality raw materials from European suppliers.

Distinctively Dimar: Cutting-edge takes on a whole new meaning for Dimar. A long-standing leader in the design and manufacture of one of the world’s most extensive line of precision tools for woodworking has now expanded the focus to include products for plastics, aluminum, composites, and other advanced materials.

Dimar USA is proud to introduce these products to the US as we enter a new era of distribution strategy in a global economy that has witnessed so many disruptions in the supply chain.

With a global presence in more than 40 countries and 7 subsidiaries for strategic distribution in select regions, Dimar’s customers receive the highest level of customer service and technical support even in the most remote location.

We invite you to contact us today to explore the possibilities of becoming your preferred supplier. In keeping with our core founding principles, Dimar products are only available through select distribution channels and authorized distributors.

Products and Solutions

Saw Blades

Saw blades for all industrial applications.

Saw Blades

As a global leader, Dimar offers a comprehensive range of quality blades.
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CNC Tooling

Quality tools for wood, man-made board, plastics and advanced materials.


A world-class selection of superior cutting tool options for CNC operations; from the basic to the most advanced.
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Router Bits

Our advanced manufacturing process, uses cutting-edge technology in router bit manufacturing for optimal cutting and extended tool life.

Router Bits

The most comprehensive range of router bits available in the industrial and professional markets today.
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Advanced Materials

Tooling for composites, plastics, solid surface materials and aluminum.

Advanced Materials

We offer a full range of saw blades, cutters and router bits for various industries, materials and applications.
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PCD Tooling

A higher cutting quality and speed as well as longer tool life and reduction in setup times.

PCD Diamond Tools

We offer a great variety of diamond cutting tools (PCD) for variety of materials and applications.
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Drill Bits

Industrial and professional grade drills and boring bits for the woodworking industry.


We offer over 15 lines of drill products.
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The Ultimate in Router Bits.


A new generation of long-lasting, straight router bits specially engineered for increased tool life up to 10 times.
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Standard and custom shape cutting tools for industrial and professional use.


Replaceable knife systems, brazed cutters, multi-profile systems with over 200 knife profile variations and PCD products are available.
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Around the World

With a global presence in more than 35 countries, 7 subsidiaries and distributors network, DIMAR is proud to offer its customers a state-of-the-art customer service, on time deliveries, training and professional technical support.

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Dimar Catalog

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Other Materials

DIMAR offer a comprehensive range of saw blades, cutters and router bits for variety of industries and materials:


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